The scenario in the graphic designing sector is changing! And 2018 has brought in a sea of change into this sector. From bold colours to gradients to multi-colour branding, it’s all new – and graphic designers have to keep up with these changes. Here’s a list of tools which will help all graphic designers. Catch hold of them, make use of them and revel in this new phase!

Adobe’s Creative Cloud:
This software is well-equipped to help you keep up with the demands of the industry. The added features and easy-to-use, learn and understand the nature of this softwares is what makes it stand apart from the rest. It’s just the perfect software, but it’s a bit expensive. But you sure should go for it if it fits in your budget! The built-in features in this software come very handy to fulfil all your client’s requirements. So do go for it if you can afford it!


Again, coming from House Adobe. As mentioned earlier, the demand for new, whacky, colourful and vibrant logos is increasing. Each one wants to have a logo that’s bang on and it’s the designer’s work to come up with this unique designs for each client. Adobe’s Kuler comes into your rescue here! It helps you experiment with various colour related aspects and come up with altogether different shades that you can use to impress clients!

Pantone matching system:
Many a time, the colour shade chosen by clients comes out to be something else when printed. The possibility of this difference in colour has to be made clear to your client at the beginning itself. So instead of “It will be slightly darker than this” or “It will tone down, like that colour”, it’s better you invest in the Pantone Matching System. Pantone has the before and after shades for comparison and it will help your client make a better and informed choice.


Who says designing ends once the design and colour are finalised? What about the font?! Fonts carry a vital place in graphic designing as they have the capacity to change the look of the entire design – either enhance or ruin it! Here, Fontshop comes to your rescue –it is equipped with tonnes of fonts which you can try and test on your designs to check which goes best. You can easily go ahead and create the best match!

So, what are you waiting for? Go hurry and get your tools in place – and yes, you can thank me later!